This reddit user is onto the story of the next decade or two.
Here is the current generational breakdown in the US compiled from wikipedia research.
  • Greatest generation.  Worked.  Saved.  Bought houses.  Have the majority of US wealth packed away in savings which they very much believe in.
  • Baby Boomers.  Didn’t save as well so all their money is in housing which they very much believe in.  Work good jobs that are essential in order to pay mortgage.  Many plan to sell home to pay for retirement in lower cost living.
  • Gen X.  Haven’t saved and haven’t bought housing.  They have the majority of the highest paying jobs which they rely on month to month for survival do to debt they created prior to landing these sought after jobs.  Sometimes end up jobless and living back home or leaning on significant other which takes them out of the job market making them less traditionally employable with every passing day.
  • Millennials.  They have no savings, no jobs, and don’t own houses but they are extremely well educated.  They have a relationship to the internet that constantly furthers their knowledge and skill set making them very attractive as transient workers.  This temporary work allows constant breaks to learn more, be creative, think and innovate.  Their digital native tendencies are slowly bringing them into the bitcoin space and once the vision of where this is headed clicks they strategize to get their hands on as much crypto currency as they can.  They embrace innovations that support their world views and have many redesigns of various industries they are dying to have the resources to create.
F A S T  F O R W A R D  1 0  Y E A R S
  • Greatest Generation.  The money the greatest generation saved is now worthless.  They had the chance to get out but didn’t completely know what was going on and felt too invested in their native currency to get out.
  • Baby Boomers.  The housing they held so dear has lost it’s native currency value but now has crypto currency value that’s real except the sprawling nature of suburbs is not appealing to new buyers so you have a Detroit effect almost everywhere and mostly metropolitan central locations have held their value which is not what the boomers had typically owned.
  • Gen X.  Many of the industries that kept Gen X employed have been disrupted or made obsolete.  Even though the world shifted towards highly competitive transient work forces they held onto what they knew which was traditional employment up until the bitter end when their companies disrupted industries were forced to close shop.   Fortunately they saw the value of crypto and invested while they still had their jobs and captured the lions share of scarce crypto currency because they were bigger believers then Baby Boomers and had more cash then the millennials.  They’re money and wisdom make them the investing body of new industries as they survive off crypto savings which they also use in a land grab for the desirable real estate.
  • Millennials.  What was happening had become obvious to them much earlier than anyone else.  They put every dollar they earned into crypto for the past 10 years and that has paid off big time.  They have created the disruptive businesses that have dealt with the many problems the fiat currency collapse caused while also making the world a more sustainable and compassionate place.  Much less poverty.  Much less quality of life disparity.  They rapidly transformed the world based on their shared values of decentralized systems, freedom of connectivity, freedom of expression and a unified in-it-together spirit that looks beyond borders.  A global economy has turned into a global community.  This support base cares for all the the elders who lost their ass because they held on too tight to what they knew.
  • New Gen.  A new generation is coming of age completely native to this crypto decentralized landscape and what they will end up doing is far to early to tell.