The first feature length film I made was a movie about falling in love and loosing yourself as you merge into a singular entity.  It’s called Four Eyed Monsters.  A true story I co-directed with Susan Buice.  My girlfriend at the time.

After the film traveled to festivals in 2005 we created a video podcast which was a bunch of short films that extended the storyline and built an interest on the internet for our film.  We asked people at the end of each of the shorts to go to our site and request a local screening of our movie promising if there was enough demand we’d be able to make it happen.  Through this we were able to screen the film in over 31 cities and were lead to opportunities to become the first feature length film posted to YouTube in 2007 as well as signed a deal to air the film on the Independent Film Channel in 2008.  To date the project has grossed a $250,000 and just about broken even on the production, marketing & distribution costs.

You can still watch it for free online, find it on file sharing networks or order a DVD to anywhere in the world here. The people most engaged by the film were those who found out about it by watching the video podcast short films first.

I’m often asked to give talks at conferences, schools and festivals about the Four Eyed Monsters distribution case study. Interest from other filmmakers in distributing their films using similar methods has lead me to co-found a film festival called From Here to Awesome and a community distribution tool called OpenIndie.

I’m currently wrapping up a new film as well as developing new projects.  Stay tunned.