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*Do you plan on being at SXSW? Which talks do you think would be good to attend? Do you know of any good parties? Do you know of a place we could crash? Do you want to participate in our round table dinners discussing the media revolution. Do you know of any bands playing you think we’d like. Do you know of any films in the festival that seem good? Please post comments below…

Susan and I are on a panel at SXSW this year called ‘Independent Film Distribution: It Takes an Online Community‘ that will be moderated by Micki Krimmel.  It’s on Monday March 10th at 5pm in room 12AB.  Friends and FHTA collaborators Lance Weiler (Head Trauma) and Bret Gaylor (Open Source Cinema) are also on the panel.

They’ve asked us to talk about the DIY distribution effort of Four Eyed Monsters and we plan to also go into how the internet is evolving past a film marketing tool and becoming an actual filmmaking tool.

We also will discuss From Here to Awesome.  How creating a discovery and distribution film festival can further empower filmmakers to create direct connections with their audiences.  We’ll also talk about the open source technology we’ve designed and are currently looking for partners to build that will provide the film industries missing links that are keeping us stuck under old media’s control.

I plan to check out some films including my friends film thats in SXSW called Nerd Core Rising. There is also a full schedule with times and locations and below are all the panels I think look interesting. 


10 Ways to Green-ify Your Digital Life (Jennifer Schlegel)

Visualizing Sustainability (Jon Lebkowsky)

Green Software. Really? (Kim Laama)

Textbooks of the Future: Free & Collaborative! (Jimmy Wales)

Building Portable Social Networks (Jeremy Keith)


How Piracy Will Save the Music Industry (Jason Schwartz)

Lost in Translation? Top Website Internationalization Lessons (Stephanie Booth)


FM 2.0: The Future of Internet Radio (David Hyman)


Let’s Get Serious: Should Video Games Replace College? (Michael Anderson)

You Are Here: Gaming and User’s Geolocation in Web 2.0 (Ryan Sarver)


The Art of Self-Branding (Lea Alcantara)

Friend Me! Vote for Me! Donate Now! (Julie Barko Germany)

Judo Moves for Defending Your Reputation Online (Thor Muller) – emailed about filmming


Body Optimization: Why Stop at Health & Fitness? (Tantek Celik)

Building a Worldwide Climate Movement (Bill McKibben)


Blogs, Buzz, and Buddy Lists (Paul Harrill)

Digital Cinema for Indies (Scott Kirsner)

Independent Film Distribution: It Takes an Online Community (Micki Krimmel)

Thick as Thieves: What Have My Fans Done with My Movie? (Ben Cote)

Video Production for the Web & Mobile Devices (Hank Blumenthal)


Considerations for Scalabale Web Ventures (Joe Stump)

Content Management System Roundup (George DeMet)

Creating Findable Rich Media Content (Jennifer Taylor)

Creative Collaboration: Building Web Apps Together (Paul Hammond)

A Critical Look At OpenID (Jason Levitt)

Building Developer-Friendly Web Service APIs (Ben Vinegar)

Client-side Code and Internationalization (Jon Wiley)

Getting There Faster By Using Open Code (Jack Moffitt)

Scalability Boot Camp (Jakob Heuser)


Take Municipal WiFi Back (Joanna Rees)

Bio-Networks: Using Mobile Technology to Impact Healthstyle (Kate Bauer)

Transforming Hospital Systems: The Digital Future of Healthcare (Grace Lanni)

Mobile Phones: International Devices of Mystery (Michael Sharon)


The Insiders Guide to Angel Investing (David S. Rose)

Knowing the Audience: Improving Communication Between Artists and Fans (Stephen Stokols)


Opening remarks by Henry Jenkins (MY HERO)

Mark Zuckerberg Keynote on Sunday, March 9

Frank Warren Keynote on Monday, March 10  


Managing Media: Is Your Music Collection About to Become Extinct (Daniel Raffel)

Record Labels — What Were They? (Raymond McGlamery)

Adult Conversations: Sex, Intimacy & Online Relationships (Twanna A. Hines)

Breakups 2.0 (Kevin Cheng)

Do You Have to Disappear Completely to Get Things Done? (Ryan Freitas)

Online Identity: And I *Do* Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation (Christian Crumlish)

Perma-Live-Vlogging: Vicious or Victory, Hell or Sweet? (Hank Jones)

The Web Standards Confession Booth (Jenifer Hanen)

BOOK READINGS:Lisa Sabin-Wilson (WordPress for Dummies)

Jason Beaird (Principles of Beautiful Web Design)


Here are the individuals speaking at SXSW 2008 we’ll be in company with:Lea Alcantara (Lealea Design) Kevin Alderman (Eros, LLC) Kristin Alexander (Microsoft) Micah Alpern (Yahoo!) Lux Alptraum ( Heitor Alvelos (University of Porto, Portugal) Shahed Amanullah ( Michael Anderson (University of Texas) Mouna Andraos ( G. Kofi Annan (Annansi LLC) James Archer (Forty) David Armistead (Social Web Strategies, LLC) Heather Armstrong (dooce) Omid Ashtari (Creative Artist Agency) John Athayde (Hyphenated People) Wagner James Au (Author) Andrew Baio (Upcoming) Skip Baney (Apple) Rich Baraniuk (Rice University) John Bartleson (Island Def Jam Music Group) Simon Batistoni (Flickr) Kate Bauer ( Glenda Bautista ( Jason Beaird ( Andy Beal ( Justin Beals (Roundbox Global) Lane Becker (Get Satisfaction) Rhea Becker (The Boomer Chronicles) Jeff Beckham (AT&T) Jen Bekman ( Gavin Bell ( Veronica Belmont ( Rich Bengloff (A2IM) Jared Benson (Punchcut) Angela Benton ( Heather Benz ( Damon Berger (Revision3) Artur Bergman (Wikia) Erik Bethke (GoPets) Allen Beuershausen (Allen Asset Strategies) Rohit Bhargava (Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide) Monish Bhatia (Left Lane News) Zaheda Bhorat (Google) Gina Bianchini (Ning) Matt Biddulph ( Lauren Bigelow (WeeWorld) Mark Bixby ( Johanna Blakley (USC Norman Lear Center) Kimberly Blessing ( Violet Blue ( Hank Blumenthal (Schematic) Paul Boag ( Ana Boa-Ventura (University of Texas) Steve Bocska (Hothead Games) Jina Bolton (Sushi & Robots) Silona Bonewald (League of Technical Voters) Stephanie Booth (Climb to the Stars) Jonathan Boutelle ( Jennifer Bove (Huge) Douglas Bowman (Google) Michele Bowman (Global Foresight Associates) James Box ( Adam Boyden (Xfire) Bryan Boyer ( Corey Bridges (Multiverse) Jeremy Britton (ZURB Inc) Ben Brown ( Carlos Brown (Seton Hospital) Avi Bryant (DabbleDB) Todd Bryant (NetCast HD) Michael Buffington (Grockit) Susan Buice (Four Eyed Monsters) Lia Bulaong ( April Burba (NCsoft) Daniel Burka ( Doug Busk ( Michael Cai (Parks Associates) Lindsay Campbell (Wallstrip) Alonzo Canada (Jump Associates) Stuart Candy (Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies) Bryan Caplan (author) Brandon Carson (Sun Microsystems) Will Carter ( Jamais Cascio ( Mike Cassidy ( Tantek Celik ( Ben Cerveny (Stamen Design) Heather Champ (flickr) CC Chapman (Managing the Grey) Corey Chandler (eBay) Emily Chang (Ideacodes) Heather Chaplain (Author) Neil Chase (Federated Media) Sande Chen (Writers Cabal) Kevin Cheng (OK/Cancel) Leslie Chicoine (Get Satisfaction) Ro Choy (RockYou) Neil Churcher (Orange Global Design & Usability Group) Frank Cilluffo (George Washington University) Alan Citron (TMZ) Naomi Clark ( Rachel Clarke (Behind the Buzz) Keith Clarkson (Xenophile Media) Ford Cochran (National Geographic) Mack Collier (The Viral Garden) Tony Comstock ( Adam Conner (Facebook) Tamara Conniff (Billboard) Blaine Cook (Twitter) Henry Copeland (Blogads) Kevin Corbett ( Ben Cote (Stage 6) Jim Coudal (Coudal Partners) Jeri Countryman (Techbridge) N’Gai Croal (Newsweek) David Crow (Microsoft) Arin Crumley (Four Eyed Monsters) Christian Crumlish (Yahoo!) Joseph Crump (Avenue A | Razorfish) Edward Cruz (Bootstorms) Leah Culver (Pownce) Patrick Curry (DePaul University) John D’Addario (Fleshbot) Christie Dames (TechTalk) Dawn Danby ( Liz Danzico (Bobulate) Anil Dash ( Drew Davidson (Carnegie Mellon University) John Davison ( Colin Delany (ePolitics) Marta Sylvia Del Rio Guerra (University of Monterrey) George DeMet ( Erin Denny ( Shaila Dewan (New York Times) Dustin Diaz (Google Inc.) Zadi Diaz ( Lisa Donavan (LisaNova) M dot Strange ( Don Downie ( Natalie Zee Drieu (Craft Magazine) Michael Duffy ( Jake Dunagan (Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies) Andrew Dupont (Prototype) Adam DuVander ( Jeska Dzwigalski (SecondLife) Derek Eagleton ( Jeff Eaton ( James Eberhard ( Andy Edmonds (Smart Marketing, Inc) Brendan Eich (Mozilla) Suzy Eilers (American Eagle) Michael Eisner (Tornante LLC) Diana Eng (Project Runway) Michael Epstein ( Mike Essl ( Jeremy Ettinghausen (Penguin) Tiffany Farriss ( Katie Fehrenbacher (GigaOm) Samuel Felder ( Jeff Ferrell (TCU) Tim Ferriss (Author) Ken Fisher (Ars Technica) Pliny Fisk (CMPBS) Mary Flanagan (Tiltfactor Laboratory) George Fletcher (AOL) Bill Flitter (Pheedo) Mark Forker (DIVE) Celia Francis (WeeWorld) Mark Norman Francis (Yahoo!) Carl Franzblau (Medhost) Jennifer Fraser (Corel) Ryan Freitas (Adaptive Path) Jason Fried (37Signals) David Friedman (Ironic Sans) Thomas Fuchs (Scriptaculous) Liz Gannes (GigaOM) Steve Ganz ( Jason Garber ( Susannah Gardner (Hop Studios) Blair Garrou (DFJ Mercury) Brett Gaylor (Basement Tapes) Susan L. Gerhart ( Julie Barko Germany (The Institute for Politics, Democracy
& the Internet)
Rodney Gibbs (Amaze Entertainment Austin) Becky Gibson (IBM) Matt Gierhart ( Aliza Gold (Digital Media Collaboratory) Heather Gold ( Dan Goldman ( Patty Goldman (March of Dimes) Anastasia Goodstein ( Bijoy Goswami (Bootstap Austin) Chris Gottschalk (Kulabyte) Will Graham (The Onion) Josh Green (Emerging Pictures) Jim Greer (Kongregate) Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom) John Gruber (Daring Fireball) Tim Guest (Author) Dan Gutknecht (InHouse Assist) Michaela Hackner ( Melissa Hagemann (Open Society Institute) Cliff Hall (Ripcode) Justin Hall (PMOG) Steve Hall ( Naz Hamid ( Merci Hammon (GameLayers) Paul Hammond (Flickr) Jenifer Hanen ( Quentin Hardy (Forbes) Paul Harrill (Lovell Films) Phil Harvey (Light Reading) Len Hause (MashBrain) Chere’ Heintzmann (Disney Mobile) Eric Hellweg (Harvard Business Review Online) Cal Henderson (flickr) Shawn Henry (W3C) Andrei Herasimchuck ( Catherine Herdlick (Come Out & Play Festival) Erik Hersman ( Chris Heuer ( Jakob Heuser (Gaia Online) Lea Hickman (Adobe) Didier Hilhorst (IDEO) Alex Hillman ( Twanna A. Hines ( Jennifer Hinkle (Washington Redskins) Evan Hirsch (Microsoft) Max Hoberman ( Rusty Hodge (SomaFM) Robert Hoekman, Jr (Miskeeto, LLC) Marcy Hoen (Austin Art Start) Brent Hoff (Wholphin DVD) Dan Hon (Six to Start) Souris Hong-Porretta ( Daniel Hope (MotivateMedia) David Hornik (August Capital) Amy Hoy (Hyphenated People) Tony Hsieh ( Jameson Hsu (Mochimedia) Kai Huang (Red Octane) MIke Hudack ( Andrew Huff (Gapers Block) Ben Huh ( Tara Hunt (Citizen Agency) Kami Huyse (Communication Overtones) Chris Hyams (B-Side Entertainment) David Hyman ( Jeremy Irish ( Steve Jang ( Jeff Jarvis (BuzzMachine) Sandy Jen (meebo) Henry Jenkins (MIT Comparative Media Studies Program) Leslie Jensen-Inman ( Scott Jensen (Google) Lynne d Johnson ( Bronwyn Jones ( Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive) Beth Kanter ( Alan Kasindorf (Six Apart) Guy Kawasaki ( Karen Kaushansky (TellMe) Sheku Kef-Kamara (Silverstreetz Entertainment) Christie Keith (Pet Connection) Jeremy Keith (Adactio) George Kelly ( Tim Kendall (FaceBook) Philip Kerman ( Sulaiman Khan ( Max Kiesler ( Min Jung Kim ( Ryan King ( Susan Kirkpatrick ( Peter Kirn ( Scott Kirsner (CinemaTech) Erin Kissane (Happy Cog) Martin Kliehm (namics deutschland gmbh) SJ Klein (OLPC) Marty Kline (Imageworks) Carol Kolb (The Onion) David Koontz (Rising Tide Software) Therese Kopiwoda ( Kevin Koym ( Jeff Kramer (Polycot Consulting) Micki Krimmel ( Kris Krug (Raincity Studios) Bruce Krysiak ( Patrick Kwiatkowski (Microcinema Intl) Daphne Kwon (ExpoTV) Kim Laama ( Sarah Lacy (BusinessWeek) Joshua Lane (Urban Outfitters) Tim Langdell (National University) Grace Lanni (Motion Computing) Nicole Lapin (CNN) Kevin Lawver ( Gary Leland (Podcast Pickle) Gez Lemon (Juicy Studio) Serge Lescouarnec ( Jason Levitt ( Lewis (SWITCH) Cali Lewis (Geekbrief TV) Ronald Lewis ( Charlene Li (Forrester Research) Cindy Li ( Rebecca Lieb ( Mark Linder (PodShow Island) Alex Lindsay (Pixel Corps) Ian Lloyd ( Alison Lewis ( Karina Longworth ( Amy Looper (MindOH!) Michael Lopp (Apple) Lance Loveday (Closed Loop Marketing) Peter Ludlow ( Chris MacDonald (Libsyn) Darla Mack ( Rich MacKinnon (Austin Wireless City Project) al-Husein Madhany (Islamica Magazine) Brian Magierski (BSG Alliance) Dan Manco (4Kids Entertainment) Ynema Mangum (BMC Software) Merlin Mann (43 Folders) Alison Mao (Indecent Exposure Productions) David Markus (Tee Bee Dee) Zoe Margolis (Girl With A One Track Mind) Alice Marwick ( Stu Maschwitz (The Orphanage) Bryan Mason (Adaptive Path) Margaret Mason (Mighty Girl) Charles McCathieNevile (Opera) Dave McClure (500 Hats) Jonathan McCoy ( Brian McConnell (Worldwide Lexicon Project) Scott McDaniel (SurveyGizmo) Michael McDerment ( Fay Foley-McDunnough (Cancer Survivors Group in Second Life) Ellen McGirt (Fast Company) Raymond McGlamery (BuddyLube) Jane McGonigal (Avant Games) Dianne McGunigle (Creative Artist Agency) Jake McKee ( Casey McKinnon (Galacticast) Mark Meadows ( Jason Meil (Current TV) Lionel Menchaca (Direct2Dell) Allen Mendelsohn (Plank Desgin) Carl Mercier (Defensio) David Merkoski (frog design) Douglas Merrill (Google) Marian Merritt (Symantec) Tom Merritt (Make Your Audience Love You) Chris Messina ( Ted Mico (Universal Music) Kerry Miller (BusinessWeek)< Sean Mills (The Onion) Mark David Milliron (Catalyze Learning International) Jack Moffitt (Chesspark) Dr. J Strother Moore (University of Texas) Jonathan Moore (Software Privacy Specialist) Assaf Morag (Intel) Randal Moss (American Cancer Society) S. Joy Mountford (Yahoo!) Ian Muir ( Kelley Muir (BarCampManchester) Matt Mullenweg (WordPress) Carol Muller (MentorNet) Thor Muller (Get Satisfaction) Ted Mundorff (Landmark Theatres) Noelle Murata (ninjapixie) Chris Muscarella (Mobile Commons) Thomas Myer (Triple Dog Dare Media) Ted Nadeau ( Eric Nail (Author) Eric Nakagawa ( Lizzie Nastro (IFC Films) David Neff (American Cancer Society) Tom Negrino ( Sarah Nelson (Adaptive Path) Annalee Newitz (Techsploitation) Rebecca Newton (Mind Candy) Mingyeow Ng ( Sandra Niehaus (Closed Loop Marketing) Paul Nixon ( Chris Noessel (Cooper Interactive) Tim Nolan (Firstborn) Craig Nulan ( Jason Nunes (Adobe Consulting) Conleth O’Connell (Vignette Corporation) Patrick O’