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I just sent this letter to congress through

Dear Congress,

I make films and if SOPA passes then the websites where I share my work have a high risk of being shut down.  Because rather then stop piracy this bill will simply stop competition to mainstream media.  The independent voice will be squashed in favor for corporate sponsored culture & news. I could have gone to work for Hollywood but I chose to be independent and to create culture that expresses fresh ideas rather then recycled ideas aimed only at profit.  Culture creation is about finding a way to express the presently unexpressed.  You take that away and you take away society’s ability to grow and expand. So I urge you to stop SOPA and any other future iteration that tries to censor the internet.  No civil society would selectively block certain domain names.  All domain names must remain open and the existing laws should be the way copyright owners enforce violations of their work. Let’s be proud to be alive and proud of good policies that support humanity. – Arin Crumley

I ask you to get involved by learning more  here and then write a letter that speaks to how this would personally effect you.  A diverse set of voices demonstrating the real impact is what we can do to make a difference or else we risk loosing the internet as we know it.  Not waking up waking one day with a censored internet, waking up tomorrow with a censored internet.

Who else is talking about this?  Twitter, FireFox, Google, Facebook


It’s not looking good as of today this huffington post article says both the house and senate are eager to pass it and Google is the only one fighting to keep it from going through.

Tomorrow’s NOV 17th Day of Action is a chance to take this issue to the streets.