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You are not the only one struggling. Everyone is. And we can do something about it. But first you’ve got to get mad.

Post a video or tweet saying, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.” Put @openindie and we’ll find it and make a mash up of screen grabs and video clips. Actually do it. It will feel good. You’ll feel better about what a panel of indie film experts at the Moma recently declared an indie film crisis.

Once you’ve gotten mad, donate to OpenIndie here

Then blog about it.

Here is the video that explains what OpenIndie is.

Below is the text from the end of the above video incase you want to quote it for a blog post, re-read or fact check (links included):

Ted Hope, producer of Thumbsucker & many other films donated $100 to help build OpenIndie.

3,666 feature films were submitted to Sundance last year and only 178 got in. Source.

Lance Weiler, founder of the Workbook Project, self distributed his two films,The Last Broadcast & Head Trauma & has donated $100
towards building OpenIndie.

Only 10 films found distribution at Sundance 2009. Article

Ondi Timoner, filmmaker of Digg & Join Us donated $100 to sign up her new film
We Live in Public on OpenIndie.

In 2008 Mark Gill declared the sky is falling on independent film. Article

Ira Deutchman manages a network of 65 digital theaters & donated $100 to help build OpenIndie.

The Independent Film Channel licensed Four Eyed Monsters but then failed to release it &
didn’t pay until the filmmakers settled out of court for a third of the original deal.

Arin Crumley, co-director of Four Eyed Monsters has now co-founded OpenIndie & will use it to distribute his upcoming feature film at the same time as it’s festival premiere.

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Putting real life into film, podcasting to extend the narrative, captivating social network audiences, Google mapping the audience demand for a theatrical release and digitally distributing to millions of internet viewers around the world.   The pioneering efforts of Arin Crumley haven’t gone un-noticed as Indiewire, MovieMaker, The Wall Street Journal, The Spirit Awards, The Sundance Channel, IFC TV, & many others have jumped into the echo chamber further demonstrating all that new media has to offer.


Today The Wall Street Journal lists Arin among the top 20 new media moguls, and applauds the co-creation of the popular independent film and online video series, Four Eyed Monsters.  The film won the Sundance Channel Audience Award and was nominated for two spirit awards.  Millions of viewers have engaged across multiple mediums with the project from podcasting, to MySpace to YouTube, facebook & twitter.  The community around the film has participated in DIY theatrical screenings around the world and the audience has created material that has been put back into the project.  The phenomena of Four Eyed Monsters has also attracted deals to air the film on IFC TV and the Super Channel as well as other foreign distribution interest.

Continuing his exploration into new media Arin also co-founder a research and development project called From Here to Awesome which has been uniting filmmakers to create the future models of collaboration, funding, production and distribution.  All of this has lead to the development of many future films and interactive experiences to come.  Keep track of all Arin’s projects and ideas on his blog at


 Photo by Mike Hedge of Arin Crumley at 2008 YouTube meet the filmmakers event in CA


1. What excites you about the future? 

I’d like to have a list of all the films I’ve ever had the notion of wanting to see stored in my pocket at all times and to be able to program an alert that I want to go off when I’m walking past an underground movie theater that will be showing one of those films in 20 minutes.  I also want to see myself and others shooting video on topics we are passionate about and then digital connections sending material straight from the camera to online environments where people can immediately start commenting on various aspects of the footage and integrating the material into films edited by hundreds of online collaborators.  

2. What’s something you wish you would have known before you found out the hard way? 

Thought shall not make thy movie with thine credit card.

3. What’s on your playlist, reading list, or in your movie queue? 

I loved David Lynch’s Book Catching The Big Fish and am often listening to my Radio Head, Beck and anything else more obscure I can find, especially when I know the musician or they find me online and say it’s alright to use their music in films.  My movie queue is so back logged that I can’t even begin to go into it, although I can say that I’ve been carrying The Cell around in my bag for the past 2 weeks excited by the notion I’ll soon have time to watch it.

4. What’s a site you couldn’t live without? 

I’d have a tough time without gmail and facebook since they are the main ways I stay in touch with everyone.  I love the feature of being able to send a text message from my Gmail to other peoples phones and a number of the other Lab functions I’ve switched on to experiment with.  I also am just super pumped about twitter.  The idea of a micro-blog is great.  It’s showing us that it’s the little things that sometimes count the most.  It also makes me feel that from my cell phone I can keep tabs on letting people know what I’m up to.  On twitter I feel like I’m really a part of something while at the same time nothing is expected of me because if I don’t post anything, I know that everyone else has it all covered.

5. What are you currently working on? 

I’ve started a new company called The CoCreate Inc which is handling the continued self distribution of Four Eyed Monsters and using the relationships being formed with iTunes, Netflix, DogWoof, and other marketing and distribution services to provide a pipeline in which future projects will be able to be pumped into.  I’m also developing several media experiences that will unfold in the coming months.  I’m being lead to all of my upcoming projects by the various interests I have including Filmmaking, Burning Man, Video Journalism, Cooking, Music, Collaboration, Modern Romance, and Consciousness.




Movie Maker Magazine’s Cover Story (July 2009)

Filmmaker Magazine’s Comparison between Steven Soderberg’s & Arin Crumley’s use of the Red Camera (Nov 2008)

Translations | YouTube | .m4v (iPod) | .Mp3 | .flv | SubscribeThis talk has been evolving over the last year since we began to give it and during that time more things have happened including releasing the film on YouTube for free with our 1 dollar per sign up campaign. This talk details the creation of our film through the audience building phase of releasing the video podcast and then the theatrical release, DVD release and free YouTube release. We then talk about the doors this process has opened up including an unannounced 100K distribution deal to get our film and video podcast on TV and get the DVD re-released and this time be available in retail. Stay tuned at in the publicity category of our blog for further developments around that.The audience had some good questions when we were done and everyone we met that night at the reception seemed very interested in what we had accomplished and wanted may wanted us to get involved in their projects. Unfortunately we can’t watch everyones film and give everyone advice and distribute other peoples work. People have to look at what we’ve done and what we’ve posted online and deduce from all of that what they can do on their own. Us posting so much info online is our way of helping as many people as we can so one on one special attention doesn’t take us away from our own filmmaking.

So thats also why we’ve released the above video in the public domain so their is no copyright on it and so that anyone can show our Four Eyed Monsters Case Study Presentation at any film school or workshop. You can also download our keynote file or power point file of our presentation which includes most of the little videos between slides and present our talk to film students.

And if you are putting together a conference or workshop we’ve prepared a 12 minute distribution story video that has most of the same information as the above 30 minute video. And of course, feel free to re-edit or do whatever you’d like with the raw footage of this talk or any of the other power to the pixel talks posted on my site.

And feel free to check out and utlize in any capacity the expansive set of Tutorials we posted on Four Eyed Monsters Tutorial which also has an RSS feed.

And finally, if you are a filmmaker trying to build out your team to get help doing similar things to what we’ve done, you should watch the power to the pixel break out discussion with Brian Chirls for more insight into the nuts and bolts of what kind of help you need to get this stuff going.

Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)

Paula Le Dieu said at her power to the pixel presentation on October 26th 2007: “The very very best of film is frankly not anything unless someone sees it. So on of the biggest battles an independent filmmaker faces is obscurity. How on earth do we get more people to see the work that we make.” To see the entire power to the pixel conference go to: or

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)

Do you want to quit your job?  Maybe you should.  Make your art.  Start a media channel to share what you create.  I’ll do my best to try to share my knowledge on this subject on my site.

There is also the workbookproject, self relient films, The DV Show and the Four Eyed Monsters Tutorials that can help.