This article featuring Robert Downey Jr. talking about the climate crisis went live on a couple of days ago. That’s the same that reviewed my Indie film Four Eyed Monsters. So what is happening here? Well people are being drafted. Or drafting themselves. There are too many scientists freaking out and anyone involved in media who has morals realizes that whether they are asked or not, they have to do something. Variety doesn’t typically cover weather patterns or global temperature trends. But they can cover Robert Downey Jr. recent announcement of his new organization called Footprint Coalition. And so that is the way they can pitch in. Through publicity presented in their witty voice that keeps it all still entertainment news. And Robert Downey Jr. is cracking jokes that draw parallels between the characters he plays in movies and the real life task at hand he is taking on. And that is a narrative that only he can really pull of which makes him uniquely positioned to create some major impact.  Peoples roles are being shuffled around from whatever they used to do and now focusing on what matters the most. If the house is on fire then everyone in it picks a job that they see needs to be done and we all work together to put it out. That is what is happening right now. What is your role? Where can you plug yourself in? I’m asking you to seriously take some time to think about that. Today! Please decide what you can do. Because we don’t have long. You can see my answer to that question in the letter that I just wrote to Mr. Downey Jr. Even if his organization is too busy to personally respond I wanted to share what I’m doing with the people who are managing their website. And to post the letter here since many people who know me or know my work might not realize that I’m devoting all of my professional energy to this now.  So please check out what I wrote and contact me if you want to be personally involved in some way.

Dear Robert Downey Jr.

I’ve got a master plan that fixes things in 10 years. So I can be on your expert panel of wikipedia personalities with “character defects” as you put it. LOL. AI is a small part of the plan but mostly it’s just sucking CO2 out of the air and turning it into carbon fiber. The George Washington University has published papers proving that chemical reaction in the lab. (LINK) The next step would be building a smart road system with that super strong and super light material. Think of it like the internet of autonomous transport. Above ground, under ground, on top of what used to be dumb roads, wherever it needs to go so everything can connect to everything providing robotic delivery of all items in two directions. Suddenly products can be designed with a full life cycle in mind. We can end all garbage. Everything is composted or recycled. And refrigeration is going to be a thing for history books because everything is delivered fresh throughout the day. Most environmental problems need autonomous transport to really be solvable. And self driving steel cages (cars) are not the answer. They are just a stepping stone. Energy efficient ultra light is the way to go and that’s what my team and supply chain can do. We are already selling to countries world wide electric skateboards. This is just the beginning. Next is eBikes, eScooters, eMotorycles, eCars and eventually the smart road system and the unique vehicles designed for them. eVehicles get rid of the exhaust from cars and that will be the smaller impact. Much large is the benefit of a world wide network of AI driven autonomous transportation. But that alone still wouldn’t do it. But if that infrastructure is built by taking CO2 out of the air and generating all this economic benefit from doing so… ok, yes, now that is a plan that can work. And that’s why I’m putting all of my energy in this direction and the steps that can get us there. I’d love to work with your organization. Please get in touch. Have a wonderful day. And please despite the heavy weight of this climate crisis, enjoy every day since life is truly an amazing opportunity. Let’s live life to the max and protect it for future generations. -Arin

The other thing I’ve been doing lately is posting to instagram, twitter and YouTube various videos that visualize these core ideas. The response has been fantastic and sparked meaningful dialog with contacts I’ve not been in touch with for years. Together we can do so much more than what any one individual can do. Together we can really just roll up our sleeves and solve the #climatecrisis. Really. We can do it.