We’ve got a new feature length narrative film almost done being edited and we need some key positions to join the team and carry the film through it’s release. We’ve long since spent the crowd funding and personal life savings but we did just get a $5,000 grant from Creative District and aren’t afraid to spend it.

You can see some stills and video clips we’ve posted here.

We are seeking:

  • Digital Colorist (color balance and grade the whole movie)
  • Compositing Artists (Motion track and mask clouds, stars and other magic)
  • Audio Engineer (Mix and master entire film in surround sound)
  • Audio Assistant (Prep entire mix in Logic making pre-mix)
  • Graphic Designers (for poster and site)
  • Foley Artists (for sound effects)
  • Web Developers (for new distribution tools)
  • Video Editor (to edit the-making-of content)
  • Trailer Editor (To edit a trailer of the film)
  • Bitcoin experts (for ground breaking distribution method)
  • Marketing director (design and execute the release campaign)
  • Investors (get in on the action)

Interested? Email  a r i n c r u m l e y  (at) g m a i l (d o t) c o m   Or facebook.com/arincrumley

Arin Crumley & Susan BUice on the back of bright ideas magazine launched at Sundance 2014

Arin Crumley & Susan Buice on the back of bright ideas magazine launched at Sundance 2014

Susan Buice, Roger Ingraham, Tarynn O Wiehahn & Josh Steinbauer are the lead actors in the film.  Producing and editing with Christie Strong.  Co-Producing with Isis Masoud.  Karl JAcob executive producing. Joe Griffin, Sarah Elizabeth Greer, Marc Scrivo , Erika Smith, AJ and Joana Hotte Fittipaldi have supporting roles.  Wardrobe by Jennifer Féin.  Make up by Lune Wynyard.  Sets by Troy Peeples.  Andrew A Peterson is working with me on the score.