I’ve decided Cannes needs to be rebranded as a place that celebrates the art of cinema rather then their current reputation as the heart of the international movie industry.

To be more accurate I think they are actually understand as simply “Everything related to movies and celebrities.”

But who has time for “everything”. In this cacophony I think focus has tremendous power. Not tunnel vision or anything narrow minded but also not all the noise all the time every day.

So I don’t have a singular reason for going to Cannes but instead have a few. One is that it’s an amazing place to spend time thinking about and experiencing the craft of cinema. No where else on earth is going to see a movie treated this much like going to church.

I’m also looking to talk to people about a new model that finances creators even between their crowd funded projects as well as increases the integrity of crowd funding campaigns and honors the human intervention still needed in curating cinema. I call it a model that could work. See long term that film festivals will be nothing but a celebration of the art and craft but in today’s world I’m still tying my reality together with shoelaces and this just simply has to stop. For me and everyone else in my boat. We need a model can work.

So I’ll be talking to different companies and individuals about this new vision of a modern cinema eco system to have a dialogue and refine the vision before typing up and publishing after Cannes.

I will also be looking for films to add to OpenIndie.com which recently got a couple new developers volunteering to further evolve the site.

More soon… thanks for subscribing…