David lynch is pretty set on people really missing out if they try to watch a film on a phone. But this doesn’t mean that smart phones can’t enhance the cinema experience.

Here are a few obvious things I see as valuable in designing a new film experience:

• Discovering near by screenings of movies made by filmmakers you love.
• Engaging in an interactive experience designed to be the pre-show to the film. An example would be the Four Eyed Monsters Video Podcast.
• Managing the screenings of movies you plan to attend as well as receiving alerts when a close friend is going to be going to a screening that you are near.
• Engaging in an application designed to be used in sync with the film. The app could interoperate the wave form of the audio of the film to gain it’s sync. User comments and additional info about scenes could add an interactive layer to the film.
• Interactive advertisements placed on portable apps could be a smart use of marketing dollars and increase discoverability of a film. Targeting could be focused around geographical and other demographic information.

Steve Jobs at Apple Inc recently gave a presentation that I watched online demonstrating all the new features of the iPhone that will be available this summer and will come to the iPad in the fall.

Below are my notes from his presentation.

Making an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad app puts you in front of up to 85 million users.

The new iPhone OS handles multi-tasking.

Pandora has 50 million users. Now in the new iPhone OS you can listen to music while you also check your email. 20 percent of the music they stream is going to iPhones and they expect that to grow.

Skype connects 1 out of every 9 international calls made on the planet. In the new iPhone OS you can get a skype call anytime. Even when the phone is locked and in your pocket. Before you had to have the app launched to get the call.

Background location is now possible in the new iPhone OS which means that for very little power usage the iPhone can figure out if you’ve changed locations and an app can automatically find out you’ve moved.

Task completion is a new feature that allows you to finish an upload while you’ve moved over to another application.

Fast app switching lets applications use only a tiny bit of battery power when you leave the app so you don’t get a sluggish experience.

You can also have a unified inbox now in the mail application and open attachments in iPhone apps.

iBooks is the ebook store that was made for the iPad but will now also work in the new iPhone OS.

Encryption API lets application builders have high security over any information transmitted to an application.

Wireless application distribution means a user could get an application from a company that they work for pushed to their companies iPhone.

They’ve also added a social gaming network. you can invite friends to play a game with you.  You can automatically match with others who are playing a game.

iAd is a new mobile advertising platform. “It’s about helping our developers make some money through advertising so they can keep their free apps free,” is what steve jobs said explaining why they are doing this.  He made the observation that  “people are not searching, they are using apps,” which struck me as apples way of explaining to the ad industry why apple is now in the Ad game.  It also made me think of the growing Google vs Apple competition for world domination.  Hehe.  I personally love both companies.  Even though each frustrate me at times.

Average iPhone user uses iPhone app 30 minutes a day. If a small banner add appeared every 3 minutes in the bottom of that app then Steve predicts 1 billion ad opportunities per day.  “A huge opportunity”, he says.

Apple will be selling and hosting the ads. They are built with HTML5. Advertisers can show videos, provide a free game, theater listings, provide the user with wall papers and even sell applications or games. You can have the user shake the iPhone to get new random new content within an ad. Ads can also integrate location.

Hiring an iPhone app developer is a way to build an iAd. Developer who makes the app that the iAd is attached to will get the majority of the revenue but apple will also take some.  I am curious how an advertiser pays signs up to have their ad appear in apps.  I am also curious how an app can define which ads they feel comfortable existing on their apps.  Also I’m curious if advertising that doesn’t use the iAd system would violate any kind of terms and service.

Developer.apple.com has the new iPhone development tools.  Developing iPhone apps strikes me as a profitable skill for someone who loves designing user experiences.

Here are a few screen grabs from the Video.