As a tribute to the brave video journalists that risk imprisoned to bring us news from the front lines I have teamed up with DogWoof & The Co-Operative to produce a series of videos that teach people how to Be A VJ. The more video journalists there are the less effective it is to silence them by arrest. You can make a difference in the world by being part of the mirror that allows humanity to look at it’s self. You probably already have technology in your pocket that can empower you to start to participate in citizen video journalism today. Each episode of the Be A VJ series will give you tips on how to use to better use the technology you already have to Be A VJ. To make sure you see each of the Episode you can follow along on my website, my twitter or grab the RSS feed that has only Be A VJ episodes from

There is also something very important you should do right now which is sign the petition to help free the VJs that are currently in prison in Burma. The footage shot by these five VJ’s has aired internationally on CNN, BBC and many other networks and was the material the film Burma VJ was built around.

In order for us to maintain the strengths of our collective voice we must not allow the silencing of individuals.

Every signature counts so please take a minute to visit this site and contribute your name.

Free The VJs