Facebook Comment about kickstarter fund raising

Thank god for the internet and thank god for all of you. Thank you to everyone who contributed and/or asked others to do so.

Congrats Arin you made it!

We reached our goal of 2,500 dollars and it keeps climbing. (see current status of campaign here) Amazing! This is huge for me and is opening my view into a whole slew of other projects that could happen now that I see a style of gaining support for my ideas, getting the money to make them a reality, then being able to follow through continuing to use the newly formed community to make it a reality.

facebook kickstarter promotion

It’s really very exciting to me to see how this is all possible and to see it all work. Wow. That is all I can say.

You guys inspire me. You keep me going!

SOCIAL NETWORKING TIPS FOR ARTISTS:  The above discussion is happening by me updating my twitter page and then people on my facebook friends list commenting on the automatically imported twitter updates.  Also I used kickstarter.com to create this fund raising campaign and verticalresponse.com to do an email blast to everyone who supported Four Eyed Monsters to let them all know about this new project.