A new video is in the works to post tonight giving us tomorrow to be the big final 24 hour count down to when our kick starter campaign ends at 10 AM on wednesday August 26th. So tonight I’m hoping to quickly resign up with iContact.com (is this the best?) for a bulk email service to reach out to the 25,000 Four Eyed Monsters mailing list people to let them know about our kickstarter campaign. I get the sense a lot of people who liked Four Eyed Monsters are really not in the loop with my blog or twitter, although of course many, many are, but we really haven’t done in email blast in about a year and a half to them, so this will be interesting.

So the video that I just finished editing and will show to josh and susan in a few hours will act as a summary of what we shot last year and tease the ideas and themes driving this years shoots.

The way kickstarter and indiegogo and all of these fund raising sites work is that you set a goal and if you don’t reach a goal then nobodies card gets charged and you get nothing. So we’ll really need support once the video is live.

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