Search for “GH1” and you’ll find great samples of this amazing camera.

Here is my new philosophy, DV & HDV are for filmming weddings.  An SLR camera is an artists tool.  If DSLR cameras can now shoot beautiful HD video then it’s time for all filmmakers to sell off their shitty tape based super heavy cameras and go for these new inventions that get you all the resolution and control you need to capture great images.

Pannasonic is not paying me to say this, yet, I do hope they can help market the film once it’s done. We’ll be part of a slew of films to be first to be shot on the GH1.

For those wondering, the audio can be the H4n which gives you time stamps.

Anyway, get involved in our creative process and help back us financially with our kickstarter page.

And those with technical expertise, I need to find a way to Get the AVCHD files to keep their time stamps in tact when I convert them to pro res.  A way to some how rename the .MTS files to have their time stamp in the name with out messing up the file structure that allows me to turn the files into Pro Res.  Any ideas, post as a comment below, thanks!

Here is where I bought the GH1 by the way. We needed them fast so we went to their brooklyn location and paid cash.  We didn’t want this “kit” and all these extras but that is the only way it was being sold.  Over all, I’m super glad to have it even though the buying experience was a little off.