I don’t know what’s worse, the situation in Burma, or the world finding out via smuggled footage what was going on and not doing anything about it.

As in Iran there are other governments that open fire on their own citizens when the people try to have a say in how their society is governed.

Freedom of speech must be maintained world wide so we can all safely express how we want to live together rather then having a small handful dictate to us how we shall exist. Dictatorships make very few people happy and they are dangerous as they can spread.

I was asked to interview Richard Gere and edit this clip to promote the UK release of an amazing film called Burma VJ being put out by the by The Co-Operative in association with DogWoof. I gladly stepped up to do this because nothing excites me more then the idea that I can use these tools to help spread awareness of what we are doing to ourselves so we can begin to stop these patterns and build a more peaceful reality.

Please spread the above video around, give your zip code and email address to the film’s website and and follow the film’s twitter account to stay in the loop about what more you can do and ways to soon see this film.