Today I speak at BTK in Berlin about the future of filmmaking and what my Berliner host Gabriel is calling Hypercubism.  He also has a clever name for editing video which he calls tesseracting.  So I think it’s appropriate to have cut together close to real time my journey from New York City to Berlin mainly to trip them out and to also get a chance to post some visuals that have been on my mind for a while but that I haven’t been able to express in any appropriate way until now.
If you or someone you know is in Berlin, send them along to the Four Eyed Monsters screenings at BTK and at Cineramarock at White Trash.   
This video was shot on a Cannon TX1. Once I arrived in Berlin I put the SD card into the computer and used ‘a better finder rename’ to rename the files so they looked like this: 2009-05-25-055944-ARIN-TX1-TRIP-TO-BERLIN.AVI Then I dragged all of those files into Final Cut Pro with them still on the SD card because I was in a hurry and the 16 Gig sd card was full so I didn’t want to back them up to the 1 terabyte drive I have with me on the trip. Then I made a timeline in FCP with the preset of apple pro res 720 by 1280. I then changed manual the timebase from 29.97 to 30 on a drop down in the sequence settings. This is because all of the TX1 footage is 30p and I didn’t want to run cinema tools to change it to 29.97. Then I changed the the sequence play back settings from “safe” to “RT” so that I didn’t need to render my AVI files. THey played perfectly real time on my 2.16 core duo Mac Pro that has 2 gigs of ram. I could even add color correction but then the cross dissolves didn’t play back completely real time but instead looked like I was getting 10 fps. I then made a aiff of the song ‘Nude’ by Radio Head from the album in Rainbows that I bought directly from which is no longer available as a download but that you can get on iTunes or Amazon. I didn’t actually get permission from Radio Head so there is a chance that some video sites might not accept this video. However, I did credit the song right when it begins to play and my hope is that it’s considered promotion for the song and basically fair use because it’s only part of the song and my video doesn’t replace the need for someone to get the song but instead encourages the need for someone to get the song because it’s an amazing song. I don’t know if this argument wouldn’t hold up in court for a feature film but I do think it could hold up for a short video blog of this nature in which I’m not to worried if a few sites end up not wanting to host the video and kicking it back. I spent 3 hours editing, just playing around really. Some of the time was spent color correcting in which I just boosted the mids and adjusted the blacks clip by clip to have detail while being as black as possible. I also put a photo of myself at the end which was constructed in photo shop from test shoot I did with Ella Manor. I was standing in while the Models were getting made up and we wanted to see what the projection looked like when her flash was firing off. I overlaid a tiny bit of Nancy Bakers artwork as an abstract layer on top of the photo sort of pretending that image had been projected onto my face. I also chose to include all my social media links at the end since I’m trying to increase awareness of the different places I exist online. After the edit I showed the result to Patty and Gabe who were pretty blown away that they had just met me and already have been put into my video blog a few hours later. It was a new experience for them and Patty said it was good for Gabe to be seeing something be created in very little time cause it demonstrates that it’s helpful to sometimes just get up and do things with out too much forethought. I made a couple more tweaks to the where the music begins and I used compressor to export to the quicktime apple TV codec. After the first export I saw a couple things I wanted to tweak so exported again then uploaded to tubemogul which cross posted to YouTube, vimeo, myspace and a bunch of other sites. At the point I render the finished product I had changed from “RT” mode to “Safe” mode and then hit apple R having highlighted the entire timeline and I should mention that it wasn’t working too well to have the clips be on the SD card. Maybe my computer was over heating because of being on the bed with the vent on the back blocked by the blankets but my computer did crash in the middle of rendering. I transfered the clips to the drive I have with me, reconnected media, and then rendered.