FIlmmakers and digital exhibitors both need each other. They both expect a lot out of each other. Sometimes it hasn’t been communicated what the expectations are. Sometimes it’s good in relationships to just step back and spell out the needs. What are the exhibitors needs? What are the filmmakers needs? In this video a panel of new media digital exhibitors are asked that question and a room full of filmmakers then tell the exhibitors what their needs are. With that dialog out of the way we begin to design an ideal reality together. A future of universal meta data, transparent stats, healthy compensation and a frictionless discovery experience for the audience. So now with the beautiful plan designed the only way we’re going to get there is if we work together. Guys, don’t forget that it’s okay that we need each other. It might be called DIY, but we don’t mean literally. Christ! We have to undo some of our american engrained independence sometimes and just bond, join forces, become a greater sum then our parts and together we can move mountains.

APPEARANCES IN THIS VIDEO BY: Scilla Andreen (indieFlix) Alex Afterman (Formerly at Heretic Films), Sara Pollack (youTube), Tom Hicks (Caachi), Saskia Wilson-Brown (Current TV), Mark Rotblat (TubeMogul) – Discussion Leader: Arin Crumley