If you are in london on october 22nd and 23rd come visit Power To the Pixel to see our presentation for From Here to Awesome and our sneak peak of the rough cut of the trailer to As The Dust Settles.

We'll be presenting to a room full of potential investors, sponsors and TV channels that could potentially bring the film to the next level with their support.

A video of the presentation will eventually be posted online as well.

So for now, I'm editing away in becket MA and shooting a little additional material in NYC. If anyone has a RED camera during october or november in NYC? Anyone want to be a production assistant, boom operator or production assistant for As The Dust Settles?

Also does anyone have any footage or a well documented personal experience or an edited segment they would like to contribute to As The Dust Settles?

If so to any of the above, email ASTHEDUSTSETTLES (at) G M A I L (dot) C O M

Or, does anyone want to be part of the test audience for the film and see a rough cut of the film online and in nyc or la early and provide feedback and see this rough edit of the trailer via secret link before anyone else does?

For that go to: http://indiegogo.com/asthedust and click (fund) and you can join the team.

Comments on the editing workflow described above, feel free to leave thoughts below: