Theatrical on Demand
Wow, it’s finally happened, a company has finally picked up where Susan and I left off with Four Eyed Monsters Heart Map allowing film fans to mobilize around a film they’d like to see in their local cinema.

The effort is called MovieMobz and is being spear headed by a friend of mine named Fabio Lima.

The cool thing about this is that we hung out at the Guadalajara Film Festival in 2007 a year and a half ago and I recommended he do something like this with his RAIN cinema network. And he took the suggestion! Amazing! The world of cinema is changing before our very eyes.

Variety has picked up on their effort and so has one of our Partners indiegogo who actually references the connection back to what we had done with Four Eyed Monsters theatrical release. But eventually this will be as simple as the idea of bookmarking a website that you want to visit later. Except you’ll be bookmarking films you’d like to see once that film crosses your path.

So lets say you’ve bookmarked a film. The next thing that would ideally happen is that a theater ends up noticing a reasonable size demand for a screening of that film and books it in an area you are in. Then your little personal digital assistant will let you know about the screening and you could imediately RSVP and lock it into your schedule. Then your friends see you are coming and decide to jump on board as well. Then of course at the screening, everyone has a blast because you and all your friends and like minded strangers get to share an experience together. It could all be much more social then the current movie going experience. And if it’s not going to be social and fun, then there is no point in seeing it with other people.

At that point this would step out from being a novelty and become just part of the back bone for how things work. And thats the goal. Which is why it’s on the agenda for the distribution and discovery research and development project I co-founded known as From Here to Awesome.

So if you want to join the growing team help program or get involved in creating grant proposals for our effort, please get in touch or at the very least, subscribe to my blog and stay tuned.

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