At Drexel University in Philidelphia on Monday I showed a clip of Episode 12. After that I spoke a bit about spontaneous filmmaking and always having a camera on hand in case you want to document something.

Then I talk about episodic cliff hangers and a structure we found ourselves coming back to time and time again. Jason, who produced Chuck and Buck brought up the fact that dickens released his first few novels serialized in the paper. Jason also mentioned the age old complaint that about there being a lot of bad stuff out there because of the democratization of filmmaking.

It's agreed that the promise is in better filtering and recommendation enginges. Then Jonathan asks us what did to raise revenue with Four Eyed Monsters. After my answer the tape runs out and then Brian Announces to the classroom a new project they are doing called "Nokia Productions" and says a press release with full details will come out on April 25th.