I’ve been exploring the macrobiotic diet since my friend Isis Masoud brought me to the Kushi Institute Summer conference in August 2007. I’ve recently been getting it down pretty good and making meals for friends.  As a result people have started to turn to me for advice about diet and health. Below is a correspondence on MySpace replying to a friend who was overwhelmed with macrobiotics.

Oh my goodness.

To be honest, I’ve not looked at or followed a single macrobiotic recipe yet. I’ve just read instructions on how to use the pressure cooker and read the general descriptions of what to eat and also I ate for two solid weeks on two different trips where ever meal was prepared by a macrobiotic chef. So from that I kind of figured out what was going on and have just tried to mimic it and have experimented a lot.

The challenge with a hard start date is stuff might not be perfect from day 1.

I think you should read the hip chicks guide to macrobiotics and as you read just make a list of ingredients you’ll need. Everything you find in the book can be found at Whole Foods. Also a lot can e found at Tops or Sunnac in Williamsburg. But you really have to go up and down every single isle to find all this random stuff. But once you’ve done it, it won’t seem random and you’ll go straight there the next time and it will become normal. Also you can always order stuff online from the kushi store.

The whole foods on Houston st in manhattan has a few more things I’ve noticed.

And a general rule is to get everything organic and everything local if possible.

Oh, and once you’ve bought things like sea vegetables, read the instructions on the back and they’ll tell you ways to prepare. Or some organic azuki beans and on the back they’ll say how long to soak for before pressure cooking.

But there are millions of ways to prepare things and it’s really kind of up to you and your own experimentation.

And in terms of quick breakfast. Brown Rice Miso can be used to make a quick soup with some boiled carrots, onions or other vegtable and left over from the night before grain (Millit or short/medium grain brown rice). Take the soup to work in a coffee mug and it will still be warm when you get there.

Hope that helps,

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From: Eugina- Joie de vivre!
Date: 30/01/2008

My macrobiotic book only have a few recipes in it! And they all list so many ingredients! I tried searching for recipes online but it seems like so many people are trying to get away with making macrobioitc versions of other things… i’m looking for well balanced recipes that doesn’t require alot of time or ingredients! i really want to keep things as simple as possible, which is the whole point right?? do you know any websites that have recipes? i’m looking for a meal plan. let me know please! our diet starts feb 8th and we are going food shopping soon so we need to know what to get ..especially since they are putting me in charge of cooking the food.

If you know any good, quick well balanced breakfast recipes please let me know , because i only have an hour to get ready for work and i plan on eating my breakfast at my job!

peace brother!