*Update: Below is a correspondence demonstrating the need for artists to work together to understand a medium still in it’s growing pains, the internet. Based on Andrew’s and Dorians Comments I’ve re-edited the post to have no way that anyone could figure out who the artist is. Because there is no intention to break trust with the performer, I’m just posting this correspondence for educational purposes.  And it doesn’t matter who the artist is and if you go trying to find out who the artist is, your missing the point, the point is to have a discussion about protocol and for me to learn if I’m interfacing with people in a fair way.  Please add your thoughts in the comments below.

From: Arin
Date: 07/07/2008

Hearing you talk about lawyers really makes my stomach feel weird. Lawyers are like a disease. They have never helped my art, their need has only gotten in the way. The thing that has always pumped up my work has been fans. Fans I got showing my ugly side and beautiful side in tandem. Our true selves are not polished, reality is not polished, people know this and expect a live video to be completely different then an album and even expect each live show to be an evolution.

But you can be what ever kind of artist you’d like. You don’t have to accept offers from award winning filmmakers to help you make a video on a weekend to try to better capture your bands energy and have content to replace the top 10 google search results. Instead you can send emails threatening legal action about a video you don’t feel is polished enough. Thats fine. I still like the video, was just listening again as I typed this. I’m actually a fan. Thats why I bothered posting. This is what you want.

But in the interest in fighting the battles that are most important to me and not worrying about the ones that are someone elses problem, I’ve set the video to “private” for the time being. I removed your name from the tittle and tags of the main places causing the video to appear in search results for your name. Google is not an immediate thing so I don’t know how long it will take for these videos to simply not appear in the search results but for the time being, trying to watch them will likely fail but I can’t say with certainty since blip takes time to update too.

But I can’t stress enough, getting more out there that people like and link to is the best way to have your google search results reflect well. Trying to take down things you don’t feel reflect well is a waiste of energy as your music grows it will become impossible to manage. I used to worry about the same thing and then I learned it was out of my hands. I also learned that the reviews and clips people were posting that I thought reflected bad actually weren’t perceived that way by anyone who was going to be a fan in the end anyway.

Music, video, art, web, it’s all media and communication and connecting. Lets all try to learn and harness these languages and not be afraid of them. This will empower our connection to audiences. Not industry showcases, not lawyers, not record deals, all of that is dead.


—————– Original Message —————–
Date: 07/01/2008

please take them down as soon as you possibly can. every day they are up, it is worse… sxsw is going to be evaluating an application of mine any day… and those videos are damaging to me. i really would hate to sue a fellow artist, man… and this manager i’m working with and lawyer in new york are really serious about going after you. please, just take them down tomorrow if you have some time.
thanks arin,

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From: Arin Crumley
Date: Jan 3, 2008 1:46 AM


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From: ************
Date: 02/01/2008

The video that still pops up all over the google search results under my name has to be taken down. I have still been getting emails from fans saying that it either looks “weird” or “bad”. The footage, shooting the audience, etc. makes us look really bad… it is a defamation of character. It is not what our group is about.


I really hate to do this, but unless we are cut out of ALL those videos popping up all over the web within the next 7-10 days… I am going to have to take legal action.

I’m really happy you liked the show and everything, but the footage makes us look bad, and I never gave you any kind of permission to post it on the web.

Thanks for cooperating,