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Sharon Van Etten invited me to her show sunday night at Zebulon and I decided to film it. I had captured an event that she was a part of two nights earlier but this was cool because it was a full length set. Also had back up vocals on a few songs from Ben Sanabria and myisha from Forest Fire who had performed earlier.

The thing that amazed me about the show was the transition from noisy bar to mesmorized audience. Now and then you hear the squeek of the bathroom door but other then that the entire bar was sitting in captivated slience.

Earlier in the night I also filmed a couple songs performed by Leah Hayes who goes by Scary Mansion and who is also in the band La Laque. Unfortunatley the footage is very dark so I’m probably not going to post those songs. I had asked the sound man to brighten the stage for Sharon which helped a lot.

I’d love to hear peoples thoughts about Sharon’s music. Also I always love suggestions of other indie underground material to listen to or possibly go see live. Please post a comment below.

This is the third live show video I’ve posted and plan to do more in the future as well as continue blogging about indie film, the creative process and the digital art landscape. Grab my RSS feed or get an email everytime I post new stuff online.