woodpecker plays live 

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Real music, with real instruments. Novel thought.

A friend Josh is in Woodpecker so I decided to go to their show and film it.Susan and I have been listening to their music pretty often while we are working on stuff and it was great to see the band and find out who sings each song. Also randomly my friend Sharon Van Etten knows the Cello player Andy because they went to elementary school together. He’s kind of my favorite in the band in a way, nothing like a solid Cello.I love all these instruments and how good they blend together. My favorite songs kick in about half way into the video. Can’t wait to here what comes out of these guys next. Susan is especially in love.To get this video download in HD Seach iTunes or Miro for “Arin Crumley” and subscribe free to my video channel there. The file can play on Apple TV and is in 720p and looks pretty amazing. And feel free to re-cut and re-post if you have a favorite song or section you want to put on your own video channel. Just make sure to link to the band.Also I’ll be posting more music and performance videos of events I go to and like. Subscribe to the RSS feed at arincrumley.com to make sure you get it all.