Here is what happened, we sent out 15,000 emails and bulletined to 20,000 friends about how it’s a good idea to buy FEM DVD’s this Xmas instead of supporting corporate America.

We also re-designed our store to make buying the smoothest experience we can.

The email costs 200 dollars to send using a Vertical Response which is supposed to prevent the messages from ending up in junk mail boxes and that can handle sending huge volume of emails like that.

So instead of a follow up email, I decided to post a follow up bulletin explaining that a week later we had only sold 35 DVDs due to that campaign.

One of the responses was the the following:

MySpace Comment

This guy has a good point, and not just about the spelling feedback.  (I know, I’m a bad speller, I hope to improve one day.)  But he’s right, we are in a pretty good spot in a lot of ways and I’m totally thankful for that.  And selling 35 is selling 35 and now since the bulleting we are up to 40, but the number sold vs the online audience we obviously have are just not as matched up as one would think.  As of posting we have sold 1436 DVDs which again, I’m greatful for.  However, we all have to acknowledge that selling DVDs off of one website alone is not enough.  The DVD would have to get to more places other then just our site to ever really see that number go substantially up.  So we are working towards that occuring and in the meantime would love to prove as much as we can about whats possible in terms of selling your own DVDs directly to audiences.  Because I think people who have the ability to make content that is relevant to decent size audiences should be able to survive doing that so they can keep doing that and not have to sell our souls to pay rent.

So anyway, what do people think, is there a better tone we can have to our campaign to sell DVDs this holiday season?  Any input on our new online store?