Today your movie preferences are stored in your Netflix Ratings, Your Amazon ratings, maybe a note book or maybe just in your head.

Ratings of films will be public data

Like most information online, if it’s stored in a way that can be read by humans and by computers the information becomes more valuable.

Movies I love:

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The above list can be understood by humans but not by machines and therefore the information isn’t that useful. But fortunately also provides an RSS feed of all of the movies I’ve rated. I want to do a little experiment.

Where to Begin:

First of all, I need 10 friends to join spout and rate all of the the movies on this list:

Movies Arin Crumley wants to see.

Then rate all of the movies on this list:

Movie’s Arin Crumley has seen

Then post a comment with your spout user name below.

The Programming Challenge:

Then I’d like to invite any programmer to create an open source web application that takes in my spout user name and lets me enter in my 10 friends spout names and then it spits out a new RSS feed of the movies that I want to see but now the list is in order with the films I’m most likely to really like at the top of the list.

Then have a little tournament tool where i can plug in either 2 movies or 10 movies and it will spit out an ranked RSS feed telling me which movies I’m most likely to enjoy based on my friends data.

The key here is that it’s making these suggestions based on my friends without me having to go and talk to my friends to figure out what they thought. Netflix and Amazon compare you to the entire population of their site. Another difference here is the ability to narrow the pool of films being considered. So for example if there is a film festival with 30 films. This software should be adoptable to help me navigate the festival, especially half way through the festival as many of my friends begin to have seen most of the movies in the festival therefor giving the software more information to help provide me with the suggestions I need.

Extra points if you can write an application that signs into my netflix account and makes the changes to my netflix que so it resembles as close as possible the ranked RSS feed of films I want to see. But thats a lot of works not required for a winner. Contact me privately for the log in info to that if you think you can make it work.

The prize is a free <a href=”; title=”Four Eyed Monsters DVD Tshirt Poster”>Four Eyed Monsters DVD, T-shirt and Poster</a> to the first person or group of up to 5 people who can post open source code and provide a working veresion on a server that I can use to make decisions about which movies I’m going to watch during the limited time I have in life to watch movies. But much more important then that is we will have proved a system in which films will be seen because of their true value and not because of their high marketing budget.