Liz explains how the day will unfold and thanks her crew and sponsors. She gives a good over view that will be helpful to watch if you are considering watching all of the power to the pixel videos.

Brian Chirls and I were just getting acquainted with our laptop recording device and finding left over space on almost empty tapes and had to adjust the shutter in the middle of this clip so sorry about that.

Liz did a good job lining up sponsorships from Skillset, Film London, The London Development Agency, The UK film Council, Digital Horizons, FDMX, Sohonet, WiseGuy PIctures, AllCity, Screen International, Shooting People.

And I have to say, Tishna Molla, Josephine Lott, Ella Weston, Katy Swarbrick were all very friendly, helpful and all impressively attractive as well.

Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)