Kelly Devine talks about how Renew Media has a new project called Reframe which is basically an aggregator for aggregators. The need for this comes from the fact that when someone like Amazon or iTunes or Netflix is trying to have everything that ever existed they need to add things to their systems in chunks rather then one by one. So a smaller collections can be added in bulk to the big pool. Reframe is trying to be one of those smaller collections but first they need content to be in that small colleciton.

The first aggregator they are aggregating for is Amazon and they’ve managed to get much better deal terms then a filmmaker could ever get as a stand alone piece of content. So good for them. Power in numbers. Just like unions. But at the end of the day, what they are doing is just another quick fix to make them and some filmmakers a little bit of money but a couple years from now it will be looked back upon as an experiment that lead to a more sustainable solution.

The spirit of renew media is a good one so I hope to see their role evolve over time to things beyond 2 inches in-front of our faces.