Visit to find this complete text if the site you are reading on cuts it off: Liz and her attractive British crew did an amazing job organizing and promoting this event. However, in the future I prefer to be a part of doing more then just speaking. I want to get something done. Either a hands on workshop or more importantly some sessions involving a room full of programmers and problem solvers to develop the new film industry. Why should we let the old film industry try to re-invent it’s self when it’s currently wide open for quicker fresh minds to start something from scratch that is way better. The objectives next time will be to create universal publishing standard like RSS but for film projects and containing way more meta data about the film. And then come up with a universal social networking protocol that can be adopted by film sites. The core principal of a new social network standard will be that you store your personal data rather then Facebook and MySpace and sites like Amazon pull the review you wrote about a film from your personally stored blog post review of that film. Then come up with a universal event standard so anyone can create a directory of screenings. Then start publishing plans for how people can create cheap micro cinema systems for 1 to 5 grand depending on their budget that get them all the digital films using this system. Then create a road map for how this system can eventually take over and be the system that even mainstream content owners will want to be a part of. RSS took very little time to get the name of “podcasting” and now even major media companies use it even though it defies their methodology. So it can be done. Then publish plans for how people can create subscription models for internet deliver of content. That way people all over the world can create a local service that sends money back to creators. It’s all too much to detail here. But watch all of these power to the pixel presentations that will follow and keep the vision of the future in mind through out. You’ll see how some get it more then others and then take these ideas out into the world and you’ll once again see some getting it immediately and others wanting to argue things can’t change. Form alliances with those who think this is possible and that things can change.